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One stand out feature of our products is the quality edge that we have over the other manufacturers of similar products. We are a Company with over 25 years of expertise in shawl /stole supply line and have perfected our systems to have stringent quality checks at various process points. We are embarking on ISO quality certification for our Company in the very near future. Briefly, our PROCESS for ensuring consistently high quality of our products, is given hereunder:- Raw material We endeavor to procure and use the best available yarn, with the optimum count, in the making of our products. We are aware that the base of a good product has be strong enough to withstand and wither out fringe competition. The weave Needless to say, good quality yarn, if not weaved in unison with the proposed designing is an expensive waste. Accuracy in settings of warp and wefts and making them in harmony with the yarn counts, is an imperative quality function, to which we give our best of attention. For Jamavars (Machine weaved jacquards), we make sure to use the latest designing is done in simple jacquard machines as well in SULZER machines. Dyeing & Printing The raw cloth (or the yarn, itself, in some cases) has to be dyed as per the fabric requirement and the subsequent process (like embroidery etc). We ensure that suitable permitted dyes and colors are used in this process. Some fabrics have to be printed after the dyeing process. The technique of printing has now advanced from simple hand-screen printing to automatic and rotary prints. Each technique has its own unique characteristics. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to choose the correct technique depending upon the nature of design to be printed, the repeat of the print and the color of the base fabric. The Embroidery Embroidery (Both hand embroidery and machine embroidery) are our forte. Amritsar and itâs neighboring areas have a rich heritage of unique embroidery techniques and designs. We have skilled craftsmen (and women, too) who specialize in kashmiri traditional hand embroidery. Besides, this machine embroidery ( AARI WORK) on shawls is getting popular lately and with the multi head imported machines mushrooming in the area, embroidery has touched a new high in quality perfection. Finishing Every piece our product is meticulously checked and finished in Blow machines. The checking is stringently performed manually, by the quality group and thereafter products are passed for packing and sale. Note : We can develop and supply customized designs, colors, weaves, embroideries, prints etc depending on the requirements of the Customer, besides our regular products.